When: April 13th at 10:30am EST

Cost: FREE

Moderator: Nick Sollog

Data & Tech: Friends not Foes

Data and technology can sometimes be seen as a want or would be nice and not as a priority, especially in smaller and/or newer nonprofits. In many cases, we have seen organizations pit them against each other but in our opinion, they are a perfect pairing. When the team bandwidth is not as deep data and technology can be your best friend. Join our expert panel as they share data and tech best practices for small shops. Panelists include Alan Drelbridge of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond, Sara Higgins of Maymont, Megan Newman of Humanitru, and Victoria Nye an idependent contractor.

When: May 11th at 10:30am EST

Cost: FREE

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Navigating the Top Pitfalls of Capital Campaigns: Strategies for Success

Capital campaigns are essential for nonprofit organizations looking to fund significant projects or initiatives. However, there are several potential pitfalls that organizations must navigate to ensure success. Join us for this informative webinar as we explore the top pitfalls to avoid in a capital campaign and provide strategies for overcoming them.


When: Thursday, March 9th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Onward and Upward: Setting Up a Moves Management System

Getting donors to give to your organization is one thing but building a relationship that will lead to increased support takes time and careful planning. A moves management system will enable you to track your efforts as you move donors through the pipeline. Join us as we share best practices that will help you track and streamline your major gifts efforts.

When: Thursday, February 9th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Campaign Readiness:  Set Up Your Organization for Success

Is your organization ready for a capital campaign? Join us as we dive deep into how to evaluate your organization’s campaign readiness. We will do this by looking at a broad institutional perspective, staffing, and all the way down to your technology. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how capital campaigns work as well as some tools and questions to help set your organization up for success.

When: Thursday, January 12th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

EOY Fundraising Post-Op

You planned your end-of-year (EOY) campaign but before you move on to your next solicitation you need to take some time to analyze the results of your efforts. We will share our go-to data points to help you determine how effective your efforts were and what next steps you should take so that future fundraising efforts are set up for success.

When: Thursday, October 13th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Get Ready, Get Set, Go: Year-End Fundraising Strategies

Join us as we share tried and true year-end fundraising strategies to get your organization ready for the busiest time of year. We are bringing back one of our most-requested webinars with some new updates. Need to update your year-end efforts to make up a deficit or close in on your goal? We share solicitation strategies that inspire donors to both renew and increase their support. Having a solid plan for year-end giving is crucial to the success of your fundraising efforts so don't wait to create your plan.

When: Thursday, September 8th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Feasibility Study 101

Feasibility Studies are integral to a successful capital campaign effort. Organizations might be tempted to skip this step to get right to the solicitation. But when you have the data from a feasibility study your organization will be armed with the knowledge to launch a successful capital campaign. Join us as we walk through the process from beginning to end and how you can use the information to make sure you are ready to start asking donors to make an investment.

When: Thursday, August 4th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Data Hygiene for Year End Fundraising

The fourth quarter will be here before you know it and your data needs to be ready for all of your end-of-year fundraising efforts. The time and effort you put in now to get your CRM in shape for the busy season will not only save you time and money but enable your organization to raise more money. Join us as we share best practices and tips to get your data in shape before the giving season rush. 

When: Thursday, July 14th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Wealth Screening 101

Join us as we share best practices for using data from a wealth screening return to help your organization know where to focus its time and resources to raise more money from your constituents. We will share the steps to take leading up to the data pull, including the selection of a vendor, as well as what to do once you receive the data return. Whether you are unsure of what a wealth screening is or you live inside of your data day in and day out, you will leave this session with tools that can be used for your organization and repeated year after year. 

When: Thursday, June 9th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

It's Time to get Serious about Donor Retention

Donor Retention is one of, if not the best indicator of a successful fundraising program. It is more cost-effective to retain a donor than it is to acquire a new one. Join us as we walk through FEP's report and share some tried and true ways to improve your organization's retention rates

When: Thursday, April 7th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Database Migrations: Work Smarter not Harder

Deciding to move to a new CRM is not a decision that should be taken lightly. A migration is a time-consuming process that should involve all team members in some shape or capacity, especially those on your development team. Join us as we share our tips and best practices to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible and that you end up not regretting your decision. 

When: Thursday, March 10th

Presenter: Panelists

Prospect Research for Frontline Fundraisers

Knowing that a donor or potential donor has the capacity to make a significant gift is important but it's only half the battle. Knowing their inclination is just as important if not more so. Join our panel of prospect development professionals as they share their insights and expertise on industry best practices and their favorite resources. Panelists include Helen Brown of The Helen Brown Group, Kristin Richardson of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and Gareth Griffen of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

When: Thursday, February 10th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Show Your Donors Some Love

The data is there - it is more cost-effective to retain a donor than it is to acquire a new one. One of the best ways to build your Annual Giving program is to focus on stewardship. While personalization is important it need not come at the sacrifice of your organization's mission. Join us as we share tried-and-true tactics that steward (love) and engage your donors throughout the year.

When: Thursday, January 13th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Capital Campaigns in Unusual Times

Undertaking a capital campaign can seem daunting even in the best of times, but it need not be. Given the current climate, you may be considering holding off on launching your campaign effort and that is understandable. With individuals spending more time at home and focusing on causes that are important to them, now might be the right time for your organization to start your campaign effort. We will share a step-by-step guide of the methodology that has led hundreds of organizations and faith communities to not only reach their campaign goal but transform their organization. It's natural to have questions about getting started. We will address participants' concerns as they consider launching a campaign. Learn how to prepare and execute a successful campaign for your organization.

When: Thursday, December 9th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Messy Data In = Messy Data Out

Being able to pull out information from your CRM is one of the most common problems we hear about from organizations that reach out to us. If you don't have clean data going into your CRM you cannot pull clean data out. Migrating to a new system won't fix the problem either. Join us as we share policies and procedure best practices to implement so that your organization is set up for success with consistent gift entry, record keeping, data hygiene & reporting.

When: Thursday, November 11th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Getting Started with Data Analytics using Excel

You don't have to have majored in statistics or know how to use R or Python to use analytics in your fundraising efforts. While there are many amazing programs and vendors you can do some simple analytics using excel to help improve your fundraising ROI. Join us to learn how to use the powers of excel and pivot tables to see trends within your own data. 

When: Thursday, October 14th

Presenters: Nick Sollog & Sarah Leach

Getting Ready for the Year-End Appeal

It's never too early to start planning for year-end fundraising. We are bringing back one of our most-requested webinars with some new updates. Need to inspire donors to both renew and increase their support? Want to fine-tune your EOY solicitation strategies? Then join us as we share how you can use your own data to determine which individuals are more likely to make a gift and how to create more donor-centric solicitation strategies. Having a solid plan for end of year (EOY) giving is crucial to the success of your fundraising efforts so don't wait to plan out the business quarter of fundraising.

When: Tuesday, February 16th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Database Administration for non-DBA's

We've always said that if it's not in the database it doesn't exist. While getting it into the database is a crucial step it really is just a first step. You don't have to have a degree or background in databases to have a well organized CRM. Join us as we share database administration best practices to implement so that your organization is set-up for success with consistent gift entry, record keeping, data hygiene & reporting.

Calendars of 1st quarter for 2021 in pink hues. Image by Olya Kobruseva

When: Tuesday, January 26th

Presenter: Nick Sollog

Implementing Recurring Giving: Phasing in Sustainable Income for your Organization

Recurring gifts are a great way for your donors to connect with your organization on a regular basis. In addition to creating a long-term relationship with these donors, you’re also adding an ongoing stream of revenue for your organization. Recurring giving programs can be very beneficial to nonprofit organizations but organizing and promoting these types of programs take a special approach. Learn helpful strategies and tips for moving donors from one annual gift to giving on a monthly basis.

When: Tuesday, November 24

Presenters: Nick Sollog & Amy Holland

Year-End Annual Giving Strategies