Wealth Screening

Rapid and affordable wealth screening is the millennium’s most significant new fundraising tool. Industry leaders – hospitals, universities and national nonprofits – lead the way in integrating wealth screening, but broad adoption has lagged unnecessarily. Small-to-mid-sized nonprofits have been left behind, often pointing to high costs and staff size as the barriers to acquiring this tool.

Time and again our experience evidences that a nonprofit's size and screening costs are not the real barriers. Competition in the IT sector and the declining cost of technology make screening affordable, even for small nonprofits. More often, the true obstacle is leveraging the data - interpreting the return and applying it in practical ways to increase the bottom line.

If your nonprofit is ready to embrace best practices in research and incorporate valuable data to raise more money, now's the time. The Sollog Group can help you find affordable options and leverage your results to maximum impact.

Simply put, wealth screening compares your prospects to public and proprietary databases to identify their capacity and inclination to support your nonprofit in different ways. Along with peer reviews and traditional research, wealth screening gives you the knowledge to craft more effective cultivation and solicitation tactics.

In short, when you're ready for greater success, it's time for technology-based research. To overcome barriers to wealth screening and increase value to our clients, The Sollog Group launched its Wealth Screen Analysis service in 2013. Working hands-on with your development staff, we will:

  • Help select the best wealth screening vendor for you and coordinate the data exchange;

  • Define queries and criteria, guaranteeing the return's relevance to your goals;

  • Interpret the returned data to answer questions about your donors' inclinations and capacities to make increased and new types of gifts;

  • Segment, analyze and provide more research on your top-level prospects;

  • Refine your fundraising plans to leverage these findings;

  • Train development staff to continue to interpret and utilize the return.

If you're ready to raise more money, it’s time to talk to The Sollog Group about this and other client-centered services.